Thai Traditional Massage

60min 6,000yen
90min 9,000yen
120min 12,000yen

Featuring a massage combining stretching and shiatsu Calm your mind and make you feel fresh.

Organic Oil Massage

60min 9,000yen
90min 13,500yen

Massage to flow through the path and path with oil. You can experience a relaxing feeling that the mind and body revive newly.

Organic Oil Foot Refrexology

30min 4,000yen
60min 6,000yen

Tired and relieved with massage from sole to knee, It improves the flow of the lymph and can feel the refreshing feeling of the whole body.

Course Menu 

Dowlueng Course

90min 8,800yen

【Thai Traditional Massage/Organic Oli Foot Reflexology】
Thai ancient massage plus 60 minutes of oil refreshing for 30 minutes. It is recommended especially for those who are tired of legs.

Orchid Course

90min 11,800yen

【Organic Oli massage/Organic Oli Foot Reflexology】
Massage the whole body from your feet with organic oil. You can taste the relaxation.

Jasmine Course

120min 13,800yen

【Thai Traditional MAssage/Organic Oli massage】
Weve brought togethe 2 of our popular treatments, Thai Traditional Massage and Organic Oil Massage,each one lasting 60 minutes.

Lotus Course

150min 19,800yen

【Thai Traditional Massage/Organic Oli massage/Organic Oli Foot Reflexology/Herb ball】
In addition to Thai traditional massage, organic oil treatment, oil reflash You can enjoy natural herb ball.


Thai Traditional Massage siamERAWAN

Business hours : 17:00~4:00

Tokyo Shinjuku-ku Shinjuku 2-8-1
Shinjuku Seven BLD 107
TEL: 03-3353-5841
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